Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects - Review

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I think this is a fair alternative to Minx if you want a less pricey DIY kinda product. I actually think it is really creative from Sally Hansen to jump in the bandwagon right after Minx started making lots of cash. They came up with Salon Effect nail polish strips that can be applied anywhere and anytime. It is rather easy once you get the hang of it and I think you would appreciate it more because it is something that you put your time and effort into. While Minx costs around $50 to $70 (USD), Sally Hansen Salon Nail Effect costs around $10 (USD). If you have the money to spare and want things to be done for you then Minx is all yours but if you want something which is less costly and easy to do at home then this product is the best!

It is made out of real nail polish and you do not need any dry time which is a plus! It lasts up to 10 days and it comes in 24 styles including solid colors, neon’s, prints, and patterns. It can be easily removed by nail polish removers.

Find out more about this product here http://www.sallyhansen.com/products/nails/nail-color/salon-effects-real-nail-polish-strips

And here is an easy tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNVW0fyaxPU

I will defiantly take a bite out of this product!

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