Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dark Chocolate - Review

(Image: dark chocolate life)

A lot of people I know always pick dark chocolate on milk chocolate. I personally prefer the milk chocolate over the dark because it tastes better and yes I KNOW it contains more sugar and oil and the dark one doesn’t but I can’t help the taste :(. I have always known that dark is actually better than milk chocolate but never actually know exactly why! So I did a little research and found out some amazing facts on dark chocolate. It is actually healthy! Here are some healthy dark chocolate benefits:

Lowers blood pressure
Lowers cholesterol
Acts as an antioxidant
It stimulates endorphin which gives a feeling of pleasure
It has less added sugar

Basically it has less fat and it is good for your heart!! I was amazed to read articles about the benefits of dark chocolate never knew it was this healthy. I guess from now on we gotta eat dark chocolate more often ladies!! I found a lot of brands that offer dark chocolate which may taste better than others like Hershey’s, Godiva, and Lindt. And btw there is this place in Emirates Mall called Hotel Chocolate they have some good chocolaty stuff you guys should take a bite out of that place! Enjoy xx.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The new face of LV - News

(Image: dotspress)

I am a fan of LV and I was so happy to see that they have chosen Jolie to be their new face for the summer campaign 2011. Angie is one of my fashion and beauty icons and I think it was such a great idea for LV to collaborate with her. The Images were shot in Cambodia which is a very very dear country to Angie! I think that the pic is really awesome and she looks so natural and pretty as always =). Love the look of confidence on her what do you guys think?

(Image: thebeautyshop)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

L'Oréal Paris Studio Secrets Smoothing Resurfacing Primer - Review

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Girls... It's prime time! This product is inspired by professional make-up artists to reassure that your skin is perfectly smooth before applying foundation. What it does is it masks wrinkles and un even skin textures making your complexion smooth and leaving your skin soft. I personally bought this product and I think that it really gives you what it promises. I also love the velvety feel of it on your skin once applied. It is easy to use and it won't leave any greasy residue. It acts as a perfect base either to be worn alone or under your foundation. I use it after my moisturizer and then I apply my foundation and I can instantly feel and see the softness and smoothness of my skin. I really like this product and I started using it as a daily base. It just leaves your skin looking flawless. I think you guys should take a bite out of this product and tell me what you think.

It can be purchased at any loreal counter or from boots online

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Precious Skin - Review

Hey guys! Boy I've got a cool review for you today. My cousin told me about a woman who uses 24k real gold 99.9% and draws a tattoo on your body!!! Isn’t that sexy?

It is first of its kind and made out of 99.99% gold or platinum foil. It also 100% safe so not to worry ladies.
It started in Japan and now moved to the middle east which is thier first international segment.

 I really could not picture it until my cousin showed me her hand and there was a cute simple golden design with few crystals on the sides. It honestly looked hot. I am not a fan of henna so this is a really great alternative. You can choose any spot on your body and this talented woman will give u a great tattoo made out of pure gold!

So far I have been told that it could last up to 2-3 weeks if looked after meaning do not itch or scratch it and if you have to wash your hand just simply and gently cleans that spot. The generous woman emailed me some pics and I was really astonished of how creative and seductive they are! I will leave you guys with the pictures and then I will add the lady's contact below. (All images are courtesy of precious skin)

What do you guys think? Btw the woman and the company is located in Dubai and here are the details:

Jeanie Liga
Sales & Administrative Consultant
The Westin - Dubai
Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina
Outlet # 4, Lobby Level
Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 4 3997378
Mobile: +971 55 1076926
P.O. Box: 390028

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Leather Shoes - Tips

             (Image: collegefashion)

We all have this moment where we open our shoes wardrobe and take a glimpse on some if not few of our favorite leather shoes that are painfully tight. It is funny but sometimes they feel perfect in the store but once you bring them back home they don't seem to fit as good as they did. Well here is a trick that will help you stretch them leather shoes for at least half a size and widen them up. Hope this tip helps you guys.

Here are the instructions:

1- Pour 1/4 water in 2 plastic sandwich bags

2- Insert the bags in your shoe in a manner so that it can peek out of the open or closed toe area

3- Place the shoes in your freezer for an hour or 2 or until the water turns into ice

4- Remove the shoes from the freezer and gently pull out the ice bags

5- Pat your shoes dry and try them on to see if they fit

If you still feel that it is tight then repeat until you feel comfortable with the fitting. Voila! no need to return or exchange!

This trick works best on real leather but could also work on fake leather but the downside is that fake leather will tend to shrink back to its original size which will then require you to do it again.

Hope this tip helps!!!

Bangin' Beauties - Trend

(Image: onyen hairstyles)

A week ago I decided to go ahead and cut my fringe up to my eyebrows. Well it is not my first time in the bangs industry but every time I do it I seem to get really nice compliments like "oh wow nice look" or " you have a baby face" and "that really suites you" kinda stuff. The reason why I do it is because I have a long oval shaped face and having the bangs adds a transition to my face instead of having a long fringe which elongates my face even more. I think bangs look nice on oval shaped faces and not full round ones. You can even notice that on celebs when they decide to have a new fresh look. I really urge you guys to try it this summer because I personally think it's hot and sexy! xx

Here are some celebs before and after the bangs... notice the change.

Audrina looks younger

(Image: thehollywoodgossip)

Angie here looks more a live

(Image: ok magazine)

Jen looks way better I think maybe because the bangs cover her wide forhead

(Image: 1designercothing)

More celebs with bangs

(Image: coutureinthecity)

(Image: latest hairstyles)

(Image: celeb salon)

If you have not tried it already.... then come on girls, lets bang it!!!

Sun kissed - Review

(Image: palm spring)

As we are getting more into summer and the sun is getting extra hotter, it is time to for us to kiss our pale skin goodbye because the golden season has arrived. Yes girl’s tis the season to make the beach your second home and allow the sun to smooch your skin. Goldie and bronzy skins are sooo hot and of course let’s not forget the protection factor which is so important. I have gone to the beach 3 times so far and I have been loving every second. 

For protection I of course apply sun block to my face and use a sun cream/oil/jelly that contains SPF. Girls I cannot stress how important it is for us to protect our skin while enjoying our baking process. We don't wanna get burnt, early signs of age, and god forbid skin deformation (cancer). So protect as much as possible!

For tanning I usually use the carrot tanning cream from Lebanon because I swear by the fast results but the downside is that it does not contain SPF so what you can do is apply a sun block beforehand then apply the cream. Well now one of my cousins recommended another tanning product which is again from Lebanon and its called BeesLine. I don't know why but the Lebanese seem to master these tanning products.

(Image: Beesline)

Anyhow, this new tanning jelly that I used (beezline) last time worked really fast and gave me a bronzy color which is so noticeable I cannot stress how much I love it. I am currently relaxing my skin now because it is semi burnt lol so I am going easy on that.

Why I love tanning? Well guess what? The sun's UV rays give us Vitamin D and you can get that with a 15 minute sun exposure. Now Vitamin D is sooooo essential I will go through it in more details in another post. And the most important reason is I just love that healthy bronzy goldie shimmery look you get when you tan. And then suddenly almost every color looks so nice on you and especially bright colors. And not to mention that you won’t need to apply a lot of makeup... just eyeliner, mascara, a bright lipstick, and a blusher.  

Tanning really helped clear some of the few spots I had on my back. They were completely gone!!

Here are some inspirational pics enjooooyyy xxx

(Image: kristin danielle)

(Image: bathing news)

(Image: bathing news)

Make sure you end up as hot as Anne Hathaway from bride wars hahahaha *jokes

(Image: chic looking)