Friday, October 28, 2011

Perfume of the month - Review

(Image: fragrantica)

Hey guysss... I have added a new perfume to my ever growing collection! Well I am quiet surprised with myself because I was never drawn to Escada's perfumes but let me tell you the story of this one. I was walking in City Center and went in Areej for perfume testing so out of curiousty I tried it on my wrist and said "NO" loudly lol. Then walked out and headed to the restaurants with my cousin for diner. While I was eating there was this lovely catchy scent every time I moved my hand so I noticed that it was the Escada I sprayed on my wrist and OMG it smells sooooo goood!! I couldn’t stop sniffing it lol my cousin told me I looked fishy and that I should stop. So I made her smell it to and she was stunned she liked it too. So I rushed back to the store without hesitating and before they close I grabbed my "Especially Escada" and head to the counter. I don't know why I said no the first second I sprayed it... Hmmm should have waited a while before judging. But honestly it smells so rosy and flowery. It is light but yet stings u with the smell. It is the type that once contacted with air it smells just so heavenly. I am doing the wrist sniff again right now lol. If you loved Miracle by Lancôme then you will adore this one. I should also add that the bottle looks soo cute! So ladies... Take a bite out of this product xx

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation - Review

(Image: Makeupforever)

Here it is! The most "talked about" foundation in town. I knew for a very long time that this foundation is favored by many celebs and make up gurus but me being me I only stick to certain foundations because my skin is sensitive and it tends to break out! I used MAC's studio fix fluid for years and because of the great coverage it gives. Recently I have been talking to a friend who has the same sensitive skin condition and fear I have of switching foundations and we both decided to give HD a go! My, my.... I don't remember ever falling in love this fast with a new foundation I just tried on. Usually if I switch I get disappointed and break out. But HD is my buddy lol. I have been using it for a week now and guess what? no break out what so ever. It gives me great coverage but here is the thing with HD and studio fix... They both have great coverage but HD is much lighter and the consistency is more watery than studio fix which I happen to like. Only after switching the foundation one of my friends asked me what foundation I am using and said that this one looks more natural and better on me (HD).. And the other one looked heavy and kinda darkish (studio fix). They said they can notice a huge difference. So yay me =D !! It makes your skin look flawless under light! Spot on for HD I get the coverage I need and still look natural and flawless and feel light. If you guys already use HD then congrats!! And if you don't then I suggest you get a color test and try it!! You will love it! So girls... Take a bite out of this product xx

Here is a test I made for you guys to compare foundations:

The top part is Studio Fix and the bottom is Make Up Forever HD with powder on top of both

As you can see I placed my hand under a strong light and both foundations give good coverage obviously but... The HD looks much softer, smoother, and flawless under the light don't you guys agree? The Studio Fix looks harsh and rough notice the edge near my knuckles? The surrounding of Studio Fix looks noticable however, the HD blends well with my skin.  
I am not saying I don't like Studio Fix on the contrary but I will be using HD for now =D

NYX Brow Pencil - Review

(Image: media photobucket)

I always use dark brown eye shadow to darken and define my eyebrows after applying foundation or just in general. It used to work well and it looks natural too. This technique was a routine until I came across the NYX brow pencil which made my eyebrows life easier!! I like the fact that it has a brush too and that the pencil is not your regular sharp edgy one but its so soft and so controllable. It is so easy to use and I think that a few strokes towards your brows is enough to build up the shade you want and cover the empty areas. I bought the black one and ever since I used it I just fell in love with how easy it is to use. It perfectly defines my eyebrows and the color is buildable and controllable. Try it out guys and take a bite out of this product.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Urban Decay Primer Potion - Review

(Image: sazica)

Ok so a lot of people are doing reviews about this product prolly like about a million but I was never really into it because I do not include eye primers in my foundation routine. But as they say, you never know unless you try. I always thought it was just similar to concealers and will help your eye shadow stick but it actually does more than just that. I bought the Urban Decay Naked Palette and the primer came along its not even that I was intended to buy it lol. So when I tried it and applied the eye shadow... Believe this or not it makes the color pop out and remain in place and stay for the longest time! Then I was thinking hmmm what took me so long to use it... Oh well I’m hard headed but I love love this product. If you already have it then HURRAY! But if you don't then go ahead and you will know what I am talking about. You can find this in Sephora or Faces. So go ahead lovelies take a bite out of this product.

Below are pics of a test I made dabbing eye shadow on my hand in which on one spot I just had the eye shadow (top) and on the other spot I used the primer under the eye shadow (bottom) you will be wow'ed!! Color pop!!

In the picture below I used a tissue paper and rubbed both spots really hard inorder to remove the eye shadow and you will be wow'ed again when you see that the eye shadow I used with the primer is still there!!! even after rubbing it so hard! Power of stay!! yay!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kim Kardashian In Dubai - News

(Image: kimkardashian celebuzz)

The beautiful Kimmy K was spotted in The United Arab Emirates a couple of days ago on a visit and to promote "Millions of Milkshakes" on their first international outlet. On Oct 14th Kim took The Dubai Mall by storm once she arrived as fans were anxiously waiting more than 6 hours ahead. "We want Kim" chanted the fans as Kim greeted them with "Marhaba". The biggest shopping mall in the world ran out of space as hundreds of fans rushed through. Kris Jenner and Kim both enjoyed their stay and were fascinated by how beautiful Dubai ladies where as they described them to be fashionable and stylish.

Kim said in her MBC interview that she would love to open her Dash store in different locations and especially in Dubai.

Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the event because of the crazy number of people and well... I was occupied celebrating my belated Bday =P ... I am sure I will meet Kim, well, someday!!

I will leave you with the pictures below and ohh forgot to say that Kim and her mom wore the traditional Abaya and Sheila and looked cute check it out below...

(Image: kimkardashian celebuzz)

(Image: kimkardashian celebuzz)

(Image: kimkardashian celebuzz)

(Image: calgaryherald)

(Image: calgaryherald)

(Image: jezebel)

(Image: somalinet)

(Image: somalinet)

(Image: somalinet)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Eva Longoria In Dubai - News

(Image: gulfnews)

Today, Dubai presented Eva Longoria whom has attended the Bloomingdales Launch of "New York New York" at The Dubai Mall. Hundreds of excited fans have rushed to the scene to take pictures and autographs. She is said to be staying at the Armani Hotel and has had dinner with VIP selected fans.

Eva's remark on Dubai:  "It's my kind of weather," she said. "I have travelled everywhere except here. So it is always nice to meet people who admire my show, my fashion. It's going to be fun. I can't wait." (Gulf New)

So excited to have you Eva!!!

(Image: evalongoria)

(Image: evalongoria)

(Image: evalongoria)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Zero Makeup - Review

(Image: zeromakeup)

Well, each of us have their idols and I am sure most of them are celebs! Whoever your idol is you try to be more like them whether it's the hair, style, makeup, or just in general. So I must say Kim K is one of my idols and recently I came across this website that post pics of celebs with no makeup.. you will be surprised lol. Every picture I came across I was like "hmm not bad.... OHMYGOD.... she's cute.....HOLY.....ewww.....NOO". Some of them really look nice with no makeup but others will make you wonder how much ton of makeup they must use to achieve that look. Well I will leave the rest to you... enjoy!!


(Image: zeromakeup)

(Image: zeromakeup)