Saturday, May 19, 2012

Daily Moisturizer - Review

We all know how important it is to moisturize on a daily basis. My favorite type of moisturizer is gel and not cream. I just feel that gel gets absorbed or dries faster on my skin. I use Olay's double action daily gel moisturizer for oily/combination skin. I use this everyday before applying my makeup and I really love it. I think this works best for me! xx 

VS Rockin' Body - Review

(Image: musingsofamuse)

I am so crazy over VS! I mean who isn't? I was walking across the shelves when the sales woman told me to try this product. She said that this is what models have on right before they walk the runway!! Now I don't know if she was trying to sell but somehow I bought it. First of all I love the packaging and all those words thrown like 5x sexier. It may not necessarily make you look 5x sexier but this product is really nice. It smells minty and feels nice and cool on the skin. It makes your skin look flawless, tinted, and glowing. It has shimmer and not that kinda shimmer where you can see miles away but its the kind that once you step close you can really see it and I rather have this than shining from miles away. Well this product is worth at least one try. Different women have different say about it but I think I like it! xx

I really don't know if you can see the shimmer effect in the picture but it is visibly clear to the eye!

Nail Station - Review

Yes, this is yet another review on 2 new colors I bought from nail station. Enjoy xxx


"Gold Souk"

Body Lotion - Review

I love to always keep my skin hydrated by drinking a lot of water and of course who doesn't love the instant feeling of hydration we get from body lotions? One good brand that I swear by is ST. Ives! I love their daily hydrating body lotion that is made of 100% natural moisturizers. It includes vitamin E and it protects against dryness. It promisses to visibly improve skin's health and I would add a check on that box. It feels really nice and cool on the skin leaving it smooth and soft. It smells good too. Iv been using this everyday and I from my side, I promise you will love this. I bought this from Etihad cooperative society in Dubai and I really forgot about the price but its worth every Dirham.

Go ahead, take a bite out of this product and hydrate your skin!! xx

Concealer - Review

(Image: makeupgeek)

Hello lovelies! Well when it comes to concealing I like my concealer to be light and to brighten my complexion or which ever area I apply it to. I don't really need heavy concealing therefore I use the Mac select cover-up. This works wonderfully if you need light covering. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts I don't really like using foundation in summer, instead I just invest in a good concealer and just dust powder on top. What I love about this one is that I feel that my skin is moisturized unlike other concealers leaving your skin dry or grayish looking. It comes in really nice warm colors. I use nc30 and apply it using the beauty blender. If you are wondering what the beauty blender is then check out my post on it 


Face Powders ( For Summer ) - Review

(Image: 29secrets)

Here are my favorite Summer face powders. Just when I want to achieve that tanned/bronze look I always use these products:

1- Mac Mineralize skinfinish natural: I loooOoOove this powder, I always need it in my bag. It gives a nice soft finish and a beautiful tan color. I use it in medium dark.

(Image: clarehogan)

2- MaxFactor bronzing powder: This is one of my favorite over the counter products. I use this mostly to contour my cheekbones after applying the mac skinfinish. 

(Image: ivis)

*These products are part of my Summer makeup routine. 

Eyebrow Kit - Review

(Image: nyxcosmetics)

Hey guys! There is nothing like having beautiful, thick, healthy-looking, defined eyebrows. To achieve that you need a really good brush and shade. One of my favorite eyebrow kits is the NYX one that comes with just about everything you need, well except for tweezers (assuming your eyebrows are groomed). I think by far it is one of the best shaping kits. 

Here is what it includes:

1- 4 colors/shades.
2- 3 different stencil for eyebrow shaping.
3- comb.
4- brush.

It also includes a mirror from the inside and easy instructions.

(Image: makeupandbeautyblog)

I urge you guys to try this! xx

My Summer Makeup Routine - Review

(Image: mcollectiveblog)

So it's Summer in Dubai. The heat is rising and the makeup is melting lol. It is so unimaginably hot!! I always change my makeup routine when it comes to Summer because it's a whole different story when it comes to skin and makeup. That's why I decided to share it with you guys and get your feedback and maybe you can tell me what your routine is. Here is what I do:

1- I first wash my face with cold water and pat it dry. ( shrinks pores ) 
2- Then I start with my face moisturizer. ( I use gel - I will add a post about it later )
3- I use a concealer under my eyes, nose area, and mouth. ( I DON'T use foundation in summer )
4- I apply a minerals face powder. ( It's usually a bronze color )
5- I contour.
6- Apply a peachy/rosy blush color.

1- I always start by defining my brows.
2- I apply a medium brown color to my crease.
3- I apply eye liner to my water line and on my lids.
4- I apply mascara. ( since my eye makeup is light I make sure I apply as much mascara to achieve a dramatic look )

1- I always scrub my lips. ( Mix brown sugar and honey )
2- Apply a soft brown lip liner.
3- Apply soft peachy/nude colors. ( In some occasions I use plum color, it looks good on tan skin )

*in case you guys are wondering about what makeup products I use, I will add separate posts about them soon.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bold Brows - Trend

(Image: chicopic)

Hello girlies! If there is one thing I would dig up to know about its trends. And This trend requires you to lay off your tweezers and threads for a while because its time to grow grow grow! Yes and I mean your eye brows. Its time for the bold and the beautiful. It's funny because as I'm typing I keep staring at my brows because I have been growing them out and trust me it is not a beautiful process lol. In the past, bold and thick brows were considered a hit. Think Audrey Hepburn and Liz Taylor!

MAC Lipstick Swatches - Review

(Image: ezeliving)

Hey guys! It was long ago when I did my last MAC lipstick swatch so I decided to make another since I bought new interesting colors. Idk what it is about MAC but is it me or does everyone feel that one can never have enough MAC lipsticks? Well enjoy the swatches and please don't hesitate on letting me know if there is a color I am missing because I don't mind expanding my collection =D!!

My personal comments about each would be:

Hue: It did not look good on me flat on I had to have a base first and then add Hue on top. It looks nice with Myth.

Pink Nouveau: It is a beautiful Barbie pink that would look good on certain makeup looks. I also like to tone it down with Hue or Myth.

Impassioned: now this was recommended from one of the MAC ladies. She said it was a best seller. It is a gorgeous flashy color.

Myth: My love!!! I can wear it flat on (when I'm tan) or use it with different colors like kinda sexy. Or I can use it to tone other colors down. This color is a must have ladies!

Ruby woo: Well I like this a lot but I prefer Russian red because Ruby woo is just super matte and dry you cant wear it flat on unless you would like your lips to feel dry. Other than that... its is a gorgeous red color.