Monday, April 11, 2011

Pond's Gold Radiance - Review

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My sister was talking about this product yesterday and how it is so cool. Curious as I am, I just had to do a little research. This is really a big step from Pond's to actually come up with a product that contains real GOLD! Yes this is another anti-aging line but the only difference is that it contains real gold micro particles that give instant radiance along with other benefits. It consists of facial foam, an eye cream, a day glow moisturizer, and a serum. Some say that Cleopatra wore a gold facial mask to sleep? Not only gold is used as an accessory but it also comes with benefits to our skin. Gold helps improve skin elasticity, improves circulation, and prevents skin sagging. I honestly think that I should give this product a try and see it for myself because it is really interesting. I would love to pamper my skin and dab some gold on it, don’t u ladies?

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