Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nail Station Paris - Review

Ok so I bought two new colors from nail station and thought of showing it to you guy. Do you guys have any idea of how hard it is to chose colors at nail station!!?? Because there are plenty to choose from and they are all gorgeous so I always pick a handful and ask the lady there to apply the colors to my nails so I can pick the ones I like. I literally spend 20 minutes there picking colors. Anyhow here they are and hope you guys like them. By the way, there is a new color called Forever Dubai which is lovely neon pink! You guys should totally take a bite out of it! mwah xx.

Just a reminder, they cost Dhs45 each.

1- Nail Station in "Miss"

2- Nail Station in "Babies"

Sally Hansen Salon Effects - Review

 (Image: ldn fashion)
I think this is a fair alternative to Minx if you want a less pricey DIY kinda product. I actually think it is really creative from Sally Hansen to jump in the bandwagon right after Minx started making lots of cash. They came up with Salon Effect nail polish strips that can be applied anywhere and anytime. It is rather easy once you get the hang of it and I think you would appreciate it more because it is something that you put your time and effort into. While Minx costs around $50 to $70 (USD), Sally Hansen Salon Nail Effect costs around $10 (USD). If you have the money to spare and want things to be done for you then Minx is all yours but if you want something which is less costly and easy to do at home then this product is the best!

It is made out of real nail polish and you do not need any dry time which is a plus! It lasts up to 10 days and it comes in 24 styles including solid colors, neon’s, prints, and patterns. It can be easily removed by nail polish removers.

Find out more about this product here http://www.sallyhansen.com/products/nails/nail-color/salon-effects-real-nail-polish-strips

And here is an easy tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNVW0fyaxPU

I will defiantly take a bite out of this product!

(Image: we heart this)

(Image: we heart this)

(Image: we heart this)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Love Lanvin - News

(Image: up your heels)

I simply adore Lanvin. Shoes, clothes, and bags. I also love the dresses I think they are gorgeous, and not to mention the perfumes. Have you guys seen his collection for H&M? It is simply stunning!! Bold screaming colors, beautiful prints, and seductive designs. The whole collection is simply stunning! Queue up ladies for his 2011 collection!! Most of his dresses are seen on celebs like Kimmy K. I will leave you guys with the pics below. But first you gotta love this video check it out:

Love this video! Amazing concept.

(Image: gangster super space)

My FAV part of the video!! OH MY GOD!!

(Image: Snazzy arent we)

(Image: uk curiousty blog)

(Image: i want i got)

(Images: up your heels)

(Images: i want it i got it)

(Image: style mtv) 

Andreia Chaves Mirror Shoes - Review

(Image: ffffound)

Wow! This is the weirdest shoe I have ever seen but yet it is just astonishing!! It is a piece of art. Something I would love to own because I would just put it in a glass display box and not touch it lol. These shoes are designed by Andreia Chaves and are called the Mirror Shoes! Each shoe is an individual work of art and Chaves believes that beauty can be found in chaos. I wonder if these are actually heavy. Well they shouldn’t be anyways otherwise how would a person wear those. Andreia is really a shoe architect. Here are some other geometric shoes designed by Andreia:

(Image: yatzer)

(Image: yatzer)

(Image: yatzer)

(Image: yatzer)

(Image: my brand of heroin)

(Image: my brand of heroin)


Yoko Spa Salt - Review

(Image: lowyat)

Whenever I get a chance to go to the beach I always tend to sit and scrub my body with the sand because it is a naturally rich ingredient that acts as a scrub and really smoothens your skin. Doing this every time I hit the beach really gave me smooth and radiant skin. So one of the ladies who works in the salon I often go to told me to use this Thai based spa salt to help whiten and smoothen my skin. I gave this product a try and I swear my skin felt like never before. I felt like a baby again. This product is for skin whitening and it is enriched with vitamin E. Ideal for bikini and armpit areas.

The product label tells you to rub the product directly to your body in circular motion but I don’t really do that. What I do is I get a bowl that contains a small amount of olive oil and then mix quarter of the product with it until it turns into paste. I use this in the shower after I am done shampooing. I scrub my whole body with it and then leave it for 3-5 minutes until I can rinse it off. Trust me you will thank me for this!! It will leave your skin smooth, radiant, and baby like. I usually buy this at Giant supermarket all around the UAE and it costs around Dhs 3. Super cheap!!

Check out their website here http://www.siamyoko.com/ 

My Top 6 Foundations - Review

Ok babes so here is my top 6 foundations. Yes 6!! I hate sticking to one because each foundation gives you a different finish and texture but there should me one thing in common which is coverage!!

1- MAC Pro Longwear SPF 10 Foundation
The great thing about this is it is waterproof which is great for the beach or parties yes tested and tried I really love this one and especially that it comes with the applicator no need to purchase one or use your old one. SPF 10 as I said it good for the beach its longwear and it has good coverage. So yup this would be my number 1 for now.

2- Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse Foundation
Coverage is excellent!! However I think you need to dust a bit of powder on this. It leaves your skin looking smooth, fresh, and matte! I don't think I will ever stop using this foundation it will always be in my makeup bag.

3- Revlon ColorStay Foundation SPF 15
This foundation is great! Nice texture and color. However I only had one problem with it which is it leaves my face blotched if not blended well. Blending it is a workout for me you need perfectly spread it evenly to your face before it dries otherwise you will literally end up with blotches on your face. Other than that it is a very good foundation great coverage!

4- Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation SPF 15
This foundation is used by many celebs because it is obviously good. Well the coverage is medium and when u apply it at first it leaves this gooey texture on ur face so you gotta set it with powder. Overall it leaves a nice color and texture to your face.

5- L'Oreal infallible perfecting foundation
Ok a down side to it is it does not include SPF however it is long lasting and coverage is okay. It leaves your skin looking really fresh and natural in appose to cakey. It fills in your lines leaving your face flawless. My momy really loved this foundation.

6- L'Oreal true match foundation
Again no SPF but I like the way this foundation blends with your skin matching your color and texture. Coverage is ok. This foundation is for daily use I don’t recommend this for a party or an event. It is just for a natural looking skin.

I Apply all my fluid foundations with the beautyblender and if you're wondering what this is you can search it up in my blog it is in one of my posts. I do not recommend using the beauty blender with the mousse foundation though.

Well this is my top 6 for now if I ever get a cross a new one I will let you know.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lady Gaga for Japan - News

(Image teen vogue)

After the horrible disaster in Japan, most of the celebs have been striving for aid. Some paid direct cash and other by special designs that are made to sell in which the cash goes directly to Japan. Lady Gaga designed a prayer bracelet that says "we pray for Japan" in English and Japanese. It costs $5 (U.S) and can be bought from her website. If you are interested in buying it here is the link http://ladygaga.shop.bravadousa.com/Product.aspx?cp=14781_42444&pc=BGAMLG88
Good for you Gaga =). I think this is very generous of her!!

Lady Gaga signature hair bow - Trend

(Image: hair spray)

You have probably seen this hair style in many magazines and on few celebs like Paris and Gaga. The famous hair bow! It is basically hair shaped like a bow and could be worn elegantly and casually. I think Lady Gaga wears this hairdo a lot and it's just stunning so I was wondering how do you do that?! Until I was flicking around Youtube and found an easy tutorial check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MWqyGtzclQ I am really looking forward to try this and I cant wait to wear it to a party =D!!

(Image: hair spray)

(Image: lady gaga hot)

(Image: made in china)

Or if you don't want to mess with your hair you can always put this on. You can purchase this from chinese based websites. But I want to try this on my hair otherwise where is the fun in it? Bite this hairstyle ladies!!

Alberto Guardiani Lipstick Heel Shoes - Review

(Image: our vanity)

And when you thought you've seen it all here comes Alberto and adds a bit of glam to the shoe industry. The lipstick shoes! Basically it is a patent leather/sued pump shoe with a twist of applying lipstick tubes instead of heels. I think they are actually cool maybe I would love to have one and wear it for an event. What do you guys think? Hot or not?

(Image: rdv culture)

(Image: fashion police)

(Image: fashion police)

(Image: global blue)

(Image: unattached affairs)

(Image: style frizz)

(Image: style frizz)

Celebrity Sunglasses - Review

(Image: celeb sunglasses finder)

Ever wonder where your fav celeb gets her/his shades from? This always happens to me. I see them on tv or pictures and keep wondering what brand is that because it looks super hot!! Well thanks to this website you can now find out. It has celebs from A to Z just click your fav celeb and they will show you a gallery telling you the brand name and price of each shade. Isn't that just wonderful? Well what are you waiting for... visit the site here http://www.celebrity-sunglasses-finder.com/ and explore the range.

(Images: celeb sunglasses finder)