Friday, March 25, 2011

The Rules of Love - Review

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To be honest I hate reading books. Plain books. No pictures or colors aughh I just can’t. However, I was walking around in the self-improvement section at Virgin Megastore which is the only section you will find me in, and one of the clerks asked if I was looking for something specific and I said not really because I like to be left alone when it come to exploring. However he kept insisting that I take a look at this book The Rules of Love so I started passing around the pages and rolled my eyes because it was a plain book but the guy said "trust me this won’t be a downer". Something about him made me think twice, well not that he’s cute but... well maybe a little lol. Anyhow so I said fine and ended up buying it. It costs $21.99 in Canadian Dollars (use my converter). Once I arrived home I prepared my hot coco and started reading along.

What I first liked about this book is that it consists of 223 pages and each page has a different rule which is not even a little boring. Usually I get bored because books are divided into chapters and each chapter is like 8 to 10 pages long and I can’t wait for the chapter to finish so it can get to the point. However, not this book. As I said, each page has a new and different rule to follow.

I am now at rule number 60 and I swear I can’t stop reading. Someone stop me please lol!! You just get too deep into it and want to know more and more. I think Richard Templar is a genius for putting this together. He is also the international bestselling author of his other book The Rules of Life. Each rule makes a lot of sense and makes you think deeply and you can’t help but to agree. I don’t think these rules are meant for you to abide but it’s meant to make you think and remember how to cope with situations in the best manner.

Moreover, here is a peak on what this book contains:

1- Rules for finding love
2- Relationship rules
3- Rules for parting
4- Family rules
5- Friendship rules
6- Rules for everyone

Each of these rules are broken down into smaller ones and oh I just love the logic behind it. I think you guys should seriously take a bite out of this!! It will really help you, whether you need it or not because good relationships don’t just happen, they need to be worked at.

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