Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nail Station Paris - Review

(Image: mostyk studio)

With so many brands and colors to choose from it is so confusing to pick anything now a days! Every brand claims that they are the best and they have the best range but sometimes it is all just gibberish to be honest. You must go out there and experiment for yourself. Just like I did, but I really hate confusing myself that’s why if I like a certain brand I tend to stick to it as much as I can.

I have been using Nail Station for the past year or so and I cannot tell you how much I really appreciate this brand. It is like made to suite everyone. With so many colors and tones they are all s beautiful I love going to Debenhams and pick a handful of colors and try them all on inside the tiny manicure/pedicure room and then pick the ones that suit me best. I have recently bought seven new colors and decided to apply each of them on my nails to show you how they look. You can visit their website here:
Where to buy? You can find them at Debenhams or Town Center - Jumeirah.
Priced at Dhs45.

Excuse my unmanicured nails. Ps: 6th picture is my sisters =P

1- Deshabillez-Moi!

2- Black Pepper

3- Rayon X

4- Divorcee

5- Soft Focus

6- Miroir

7- Gossip

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