Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall Beauty - Trend

(Image: yearwithoutrain)

Fall is here and I know most of you are disappointed because when its Fall there is no sun!! Well I wouldn’t have to worry since I am in Dubai it is like almost sunny all year round but we should be expecting a change of weather soon. Well, well, well... it is time to switch from your shirts and it’s to your tights, sweaters, and coats cz it is getting colder in well most of the globe. I think the Fall fashion is pretty obvious but the question is what about the makeup trends? Well  if you ask me I am so happy because it is all about bold, dark, reddish plumy lips and big beautiful dark eyes. It is all about the dramatic look! Not to mention the nails as well which are dark and lovely.  Check out the Fall makeup trends and collections:

Guerlain (Image: sarahfili)

Givenchy (Image: sarahfili)

Clarins (Image: sarahfili)

Mac Glam Glass (Image: sarahfili)

YSL Jardin De Minuit (Image: sandiinthecity)

YSL Jardin De Minuit (Image: sandiinthecity)

YSL Jardin De Minuit (Image: sandiinthecity)

YSL Jardin De Minuit (Image: sandiinthecity)

NARS Fall 2011 (Image: artofcosmetics)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Armpits 101 - Tips

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Ok one of the biggest body problems tackled is the under arm.  And no, I am not talking about odder I am talking about darkness. A friend was complaining the other day and then it hit me! This is a problem worth talking about and bringing up so I am going to dish it out for you. What I do is I scrub my under arm in the shower using this product that I reviewed before on my blog you can read more about it here:

This product softens and whitens the area you are rubbing it against and keeps it squeaky clean. I also use this product over my whole body it gives me that baby skin feel. Anyhow after that I make sure I wash my under arm with cold water to close up the pores before applying any deodorant or stick on. This helps keep the product away from your pores and avoid it to be sucked in.

Believe it or not the deodorant you use can also cause blackness due to the chemicals it contain so I suggest an all natural product or any other product with whitening or bleaching agents.

You can buy whitening/bleaching creams off the counter in any store and start applying it in hope for the darkness to at least lighten up. For DIY you can use a fresh cut potato and rub it against your armpit because potatoes are known for their bleaching abilities. Another thing you can do is make you own homemade scrub using lemon and sugar. Lemon is really good at bleaching dark spots and areas. I heard that laser works pretty good for armpits, not only it removes the hair but also whitens the area.

One of the biggest contributors to dark armpit is shaving! if you have thick armpit hair then believe me you do not want to shave because the skin on the armpit area is very thin and delicate that you can see the tiny thick hairs through even after shaving which gives the area a dark look. So I suggest waxing and removing the whole thing and then you will really notice the difference. Other than that just keep your underarms clean and you should be good to go.

Hope my tips help and give you the lightest armpit ever!! Good luck xx

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mac Russian Red - Review

(Image: michaelategg)

I found myself putting on red lipstick very often lately and I might have been going for the classic look. So I thought of sharing with you my most FAV red lipstick ever which is Mac in Russian Red. I think it's perfect! I have been getting lots of complements on the way I look and I know for a fact it's the lipstick doing the job! I can't explain to you guys how dear this product is to me and I don't think I would be changing it for a loooong time. The color is just right! This is my new obsession. I call it my perfect red. Ladies take a bite out of this product and tell me what you think!

(Image: fabolouskath)

(Image: makeup-overdose)

Friday, September 16, 2011

The New Miss Universe 2011 - News

(Image: gulte)

Congrats to Miss Angola for achieving this gracious title and to be chosen amongst many beautiful and eligible women. As I always thought... outer beauty is never enough and it means nothing without the other components including personality, confidence, and attitude. I think Leila Lopes really earned it and we are all looking forward for her next move.

(Image: thehollywoodgossip)

(Image: missvisitingcard)

Prada Baroque Sunglasses - Trend

(Image: luxuryobsessed)

Loving the new Prada baroque sunglasses 2011!!! these babies are hitting my wish list. Fresh from the runway, Prada came up with these extra-magnificient sun shades that are just to die for. I am loving the way the frame is shaped and how it curves around the ears. This is just a must have ladies so I suggest you all get one! I have always been a sucker for extraordinary designed sunglasses and this is when i laid my eyes on these babies. Very classy and chic.

(Image: sevenhalos)

(Image: sevenhalos)

(Image: chanelandcaviar)

(Image: smake-upoverdose)

Cambridge Satchel Company - Review

(Image: chantagold)

I came a lot across this bag and thought it looked really awesome. I always used to see it with models and in pictures but never really paid attention until I saw it with one of my friends. I personally think that it is a very casual bag and can be worn everywhere. I love the pop of colors there are just so many to choose from. Neons are really up for grabs this season. Mmm don't they just look yummy?! Might I say the bag somehow reminds me of a school lunchbox lol. Anyhow, what do you guys think?

For more info visit:

(Image: chantagold)

(Image: chantagold)

(Image: bagwhiz)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Catwalk Cow - Review

(Image: catwalk cow)

Ok so two days ago I received some samples from Catwalk Cow. This brand is known for its low fat, fat free and all natural ingredients and gourmet. They have sent cupcakes and brownies for me to try and I must say that was really generous of them. I couldn’t wait any longer to tell you guys how amazing the cupcakes and brownies were. They are very easy and fun to make and they taste delicious!! All natural and low in calories, so basically it is "guilt free" and hard to resist. I do however have a small confession to make... I AM ADDICTED TO THE BROWNIES!! All natural and fat free brownies I mean where else would you find that?   I really urge you guys to try it. You can find it in TASTI D LITE in downtown Dubai or at the Dubai Mall Reel cinemas. Have a good day all and don't forget to take a bite out of this product!!
for more info visit:

Here are the cupcakes they sent... yummyyyy

The fat free brownies.. mmmm delightful (as you can see a piece is missing couldnt resist)

(Image: catwalk cow)
This is their latest treat low fat Fondant Mix

Monday, September 5, 2011

Nude shoes - Trend

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So lately everything is turning nude. Nude nails, nude eyes, nude lips, nude pants, nude tops, nude dresses, and especially nude shoes!!! I have noticed this trend has been going on and on so I decided to purchase my nude shoes. Well there are many choices and brands you can pick from like Louboutin's, YSL, Jimmy Choo, Aldo, Nine west, and many many many others. I decided to buy mine from Steve Madden since they had a full line for nude shoes... I think it coasted me around DHS300 and I totally love them! You can never go wrong with nude shoes because I think they go with almost anything and everything.. so girls, LETS GET NUDE!!

These are my very own Steve Madden nude shoes

(Image: tradestoreonline)

(Image: fabulousafter40)

(Image: fabulousafter40)

(Image: ac2ny)

(Image: style.mtv)

Gucci Guilty (men) - Review

(Image: apetogentleman)

If you are confused about which cologne to get your man then think no further because the new Gucci Guilty for men is taking the stores by storm!! I have tried it myself and I think it is just darn sexy. This is the kind of scent I want to smell on a guy.. Well any guy. I think it is seductive and everything it needs to be to make a man smell sexy and to make a woman fall head over heels with the scent. Trust me I am sure most of you have tried it thanks to those ladies who chase us around in perfume stores lol but I always let them... only if it is a perfume I like to smell over and over again. Well here is a gift to keep in mind... whenever an occasion pops up I know what to buy =D! It is so refreshing with a hint of spice which is just madly sexy. A lot of my friends have told me that their husbands/bfs loved the cologne and gave positive feedback =) ! I am not sure about the price but here is a website which sells in UAE:
Just check out the yummy ads....

(Image: perfumeuae)

(Image: thechrisevansblog)

(Image: thechrisevansblog)

YSL oval arty rings - Review

(Image: thatsenuff)

I can't stress to you enough about how much I love this ring and for how long I have been searching and waiting to buy it. GRRR it's always out of stock at Harvey and Bloomingdales =( even at the YSL store. I contacted them recently and they said that it might arrive in a month or so but I just can't wait until I can wear one. I am so in love with the coral one and hopefully soon I will be receiving it. I have noticed that a lot of people are into these rings and buying them like crazy. It is huge I must say... not your typical ring but hey, it's adorable! love the different stones available and how the ring just hugges your finger. It is defiantly a statement and an eye catcher. What do you guys think? and which is your fav?

You can purchase them here:  but this is for US only. You can also purchase them on but the prices are crazy.

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(Image: sweetcashmere)

(Image: fashionlista)

(Image: the trendy fashionista)

(Image: fashiongosip10)

Kimmy K's Wedding Bells - Review

 (Image: daily mail)

Finally! the world witnesses Kim's wedding as aired on E! news and shown in magazines. I love how they both share the same letter of their first name Kris and Kim.. Guess the K legacy continues... anyhow I was shocked to see her actually on the alter because Kim being picky as she is has been in so many relationships and they were all a bunch of downers. So quiet frankly I did not think that her and Kris would last so long but surprisingly they made it! no... Kim made it!! well Kris looks like a nice guy so I hope this marriage really lasts and it wont end up like those typical celeb on/off bizarre weddings.

Kim looked absolutely gorgeous. I must say I am team "simple" when it comes to weddings!! as I said in one of my previous posts.. you should look beautiful and timeless on your wedding and not look like something where you will regret and say "what was I thinking???".

So simple and elegant. I love love love her choice of jewels as well. Loved how instead of a necklace she wore a headpiece which was absolutely divine. And the Vera Wang gown is just sooo stunning!!! If you want to achieve her goddess makeup look then check out this tutorial my friend Huda made:

 (Image: daily mail)

 (Image: daily mail)

 (Image: daily mail)

 (Image: daily mail)