Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Moroccan Bath - Review

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Ok so last night I was talked through trying a Moroccan bath because apparently this is something a lot of my friends do routinely. I have never tried a Moroccan bath before and I am always skeptical on trying new things especially if it has something to do with skin because mine is super sensitive. So I finally tried it yesterday and I thought of making this informative post about my experience for those of you who hadn't or have never heard about it.

So basically a woman walks you to a steam room that has a bed where u can lay there. She washes your hair first and then starts rubbing a jelly cream that is especially made and bought from Morocco. It was an olive oil cream if I remember. Anyhow, forgot to mention that you need to use disposable underwear if your shy (like me) or you can just be topless and just cover your bottoms with an underwear. So she rubs the jelly all over your body and then leaves you in the steam room for about 15-20 minutes. Note if you are extremely claustrophobic then make sure you tell her so she won't leave u in there for so long cz it gets really foggy. But this process is an important one because the steam will soften your skin and that helps in the exfoliating process. After you lay there in the steam she then gets a very harsh and rough loofah and starts rubbing every part of your body really hard. It was painful but the kind of pain you can bare. Then, she asked me to look at my arm and all I could see was dead skin yukkk!! It was rubbing off and It was 24 years of dead skin lol. It is pretty gross at first when you watch your skin shed but then you get used to it. 

She then washes it all off and you get to dry up and leave. Now after washing up my skin was really soft! I could not stop playing with it literally. It felt like new baby skin. So shiny and glowy. I am glad I did this. 
Moroccan bath is something you should defiantly do before your wedding because your skin looks and feels flawless. this bath is good for both your mental and physical health! 


  1. i always wanted to go for one of these famous baths.
    have you ever tried the turkish bath/hamam? or any idea what is the difference between these two :)
    will definitely try this:D

  2. I think you should try it because the results are wonderful. Hmm I think Turkish and Moroccan baths are the same except that the Moroccan one uses a special jelly/clay soap that is only found in some mountains in Morocco. The soap is very well known for its beneficial minerals. Let me know how it goes =D.

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