Monday, November 21, 2011

Bois 1920 - Review

 (Image: nstperfume)

This is another, yes another, perfume review and I am totally loving it. Didn't I tell you guys I am a perfume addict? Anyways, I did not actually buy this I got it as a gift from a dear friend and apparently it is a member of a range of perfumes. This one is called ‘Notturno Fiorentino’. Guys I always promise to share with you the best and only the best and this is one of them. It smells like.... hmm how do I put it? Baby powder? its like a mixture of cupcake and baby powder but that's just my opinion lol. The REAL notes include bergamot, black pepper, jasmine, rose, blackcurrant, vanilla, white musk, cedar and tonka bean.

I think you can purchase it at Saks for AED700 if I'm not mistaken. But if this bottle ever runs out I will buy another. Let alone the bottle looks so cute and the packaging. It is said that every man who smells it will never forget the woman who wore it ahem ahem. So guys I urge you to take a bite out of this product I am sure most if not all of you would like it.

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