Thursday, April 14, 2011

Catwalk Cow - Review

(Image: catwalk cow)

We all know that sweets can be our best enemies and especially chocolates!! mmmmm... I just can’t lay my hands of chocolates no matter what the occasion is. Don’t you? But the down side is that it is full of sugar and it makes us fat!! It is really my sinful pleasure. We always feel guilty when we snatch that chocolate bar off the shelve but not until I saw this product!!! Catwalk cow chewy fudge brownies! It is fat and preservatives FREE!! So not only it is fat free but also HEALTHY!! This product contains rich Belgium cocoa, pure cane sugar, real ground vanilla orchid pods, and unbleached flour. This product is sooo easy to prepare all you need is non-fat yoghurt and cook it in the oven and voila!! Indulge! I already purchased a box from spinneys and it was very easy to make and tastes really good!! You guys should totally take a bite out of this awesome product and I give props for the lady behind it for being so creative and looking after our poor souls. I think the name is really cute =D too!!

Where to buy? You can find this product in Spinneys all around the UAE and in my stomach.. =P

P.S: this product is made in the UAE!! --->> Really proud!

For more info visit here

(Image: dia boutique)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Pond's Gold Radiance - Review

(Image: hairstyle)

My sister was talking about this product yesterday and how it is so cool. Curious as I am, I just had to do a little research. This is really a big step from Pond's to actually come up with a product that contains real GOLD! Yes this is another anti-aging line but the only difference is that it contains real gold micro particles that give instant radiance along with other benefits. It consists of facial foam, an eye cream, a day glow moisturizer, and a serum. Some say that Cleopatra wore a gold facial mask to sleep? Not only gold is used as an accessory but it also comes with benefits to our skin. Gold helps improve skin elasticity, improves circulation, and prevents skin sagging. I honestly think that I should give this product a try and see it for myself because it is really interesting. I would love to pamper my skin and dab some gold on it, don’t u ladies?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cosmopolitan Middle East - Review

(Image: racked)

I stopped at the gas station today and went down to buy some juice. I went over the magazine section and was just wondering what’s new until I came across the first ever Cosmopolitan Middle East!!! Yes Middle East. I was astonished because I am a big fan of Cosmo and I love reading it from stories to style and beauty. But the drawback is that everything is based in the U.S from prices to store locations which is not a problem because I could always research and find these things out but ladies behold this magazine is based in DUBAI! The stories, the reviews, products and prices are all Dubai based! And I just simply love it! And it only costs AED 15! Ladies in Dubai I don't care what your excuse is, stop at your nearest gas pump, Spinney’s, bookstore, whatever and take a bite out of this Mag!

Check out the beautiful Khloe Kardashian on the front cover and she quotes “I’m excited about Cosmo Middle East” !!! we are too!