Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lipstick Trends - Review

(Image: treehugger)

I was reading an article in a magazine about lipstick trends for this season because I am about to go lipstick hunting. The problem with lipsticks is that there are so many shades out there and not everyone is for you. It all depends on your lip shape, skin color, hair color, eye color, etc... So this article kind of helped me in a way because it actually stated 4 different colors and also mentioned who it would look best on. Oh and here is a cute bit... it even mentions the situation you should wear it in. So here it is:

Wear pink if...

You want to make the boys wink. Plus, it looks hot on blondes.

(Image: Blondeepisodes)

Suggested lipstick:

Mac in Gulabi DHS 84
(Image: beautysquared)

Wear orange if...

 You want to keep one step ahead of the fash pack, as its this seasons hot hue.

(Image: hairthursday)

Suggested lipstick:

Inglot in orange DHS 60

(Image: cosme411)

Wear plum if...

You are dark and brunette. Sorry blondes, this color is not for you.

(Image: realbeauty)

 Suggested lipstick:

Loreal in plum DHS 41

(Image: snelaanbieding)

Wear red if...

You want a classic bold color in a shade that suits all.

(Image: emilyquak)

Suggested lipstick:

Revlon in ravish me red DHS 42

(Image: fashaddix)


  1. Great post! I have bright red hair now, and I was worried that my old shades wouldn't suit me anymore. I tried my pinks and they still look good, but I'm not sure about the reds yet! I'm dying to try orange lips, but I don't have the guts :(

  2. Well on the contrary I do have the guts to try such things but the thing is I gotta face it sometimes a color just wont suit me but the good part is that there are so many shades and hues of a color and im sure that at least one of them suits me so I try everything on until I find the one!