Friday, May 6, 2011

The Royal Wedding - Review

(Image: prince william and queen)

Ok so this is a little late but I just had to post and say that Catherine looked so simple but yet so elegant. Prince William is cute as usual but is he getting bald? Anyhow, the wedding was like a fairytale I felt like I was watching a Disney cartoon like Cinderella or something. It was such a beautiful wedding and Catherine looked so happy and relaxed which is something most brides DON'T do. However, a lot of people have been comparing Catherine to Diana which I don’t think should be the case because Princess Diana was one thing and Kate is another. I really don't see a comparison and I don't think they should be compared because with all my love and respect for Princess Diana, she was different in her own way and she made a difference and left her mark. But now Catherine is here and this is a new dawn so I really hope her marriage will be a successful one and not as edgy and shakey as his father’s with princess D. Let's hope Catherine will be special in her own way and also make a difference, not necessarily like princess D but she should be smart and know what to do. I wish them all the best!!!

Enough about the wedding. Her dress is simple and beautiful and perfect! I love the lacey part. Her makeup was also simple which is something that all brides should be! It's your wedding and I don't think you should look different with all the dramatic makeup. You should look like youself.

(Image: prince william and queen)

(Image: prince william and queen)

The Royal kiss was a tip kiss grrr!!! it is such a teaser but hey, they kissed twice if you did not miss it.

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