Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bangin' Beauties - Trend

(Image: onyen hairstyles)

A week ago I decided to go ahead and cut my fringe up to my eyebrows. Well it is not my first time in the bangs industry but every time I do it I seem to get really nice compliments like "oh wow nice look" or " you have a baby face" and "that really suites you" kinda stuff. The reason why I do it is because I have a long oval shaped face and having the bangs adds a transition to my face instead of having a long fringe which elongates my face even more. I think bangs look nice on oval shaped faces and not full round ones. You can even notice that on celebs when they decide to have a new fresh look. I really urge you guys to try it this summer because I personally think it's hot and sexy! xx

Here are some celebs before and after the bangs... notice the change.

Audrina looks younger

(Image: thehollywoodgossip)

Angie here looks more a live

(Image: ok magazine)

Jen looks way better I think maybe because the bangs cover her wide forhead

(Image: 1designercothing)

More celebs with bangs

(Image: coutureinthecity)

(Image: latest hairstyles)

(Image: celeb salon)

If you have not tried it already.... then come on girls, lets bang it!!!

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