Saturday, June 11, 2011

Leather Shoes - Tips

             (Image: collegefashion)

We all have this moment where we open our shoes wardrobe and take a glimpse on some if not few of our favorite leather shoes that are painfully tight. It is funny but sometimes they feel perfect in the store but once you bring them back home they don't seem to fit as good as they did. Well here is a trick that will help you stretch them leather shoes for at least half a size and widen them up. Hope this tip helps you guys.

Here are the instructions:

1- Pour 1/4 water in 2 plastic sandwich bags

2- Insert the bags in your shoe in a manner so that it can peek out of the open or closed toe area

3- Place the shoes in your freezer for an hour or 2 or until the water turns into ice

4- Remove the shoes from the freezer and gently pull out the ice bags

5- Pat your shoes dry and try them on to see if they fit

If you still feel that it is tight then repeat until you feel comfortable with the fitting. Voila! no need to return or exchange!

This trick works best on real leather but could also work on fake leather but the downside is that fake leather will tend to shrink back to its original size which will then require you to do it again.

Hope this tip helps!!!

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