Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Precious Skin - Review

Hey guys! Boy I've got a cool review for you today. My cousin told me about a woman who uses 24k real gold 99.9% and draws a tattoo on your body!!! Isn’t that sexy?

It is first of its kind and made out of 99.99% gold or platinum foil. It also 100% safe so not to worry ladies.
It started in Japan and now moved to the middle east which is thier first international segment.

 I really could not picture it until my cousin showed me her hand and there was a cute simple golden design with few crystals on the sides. It honestly looked hot. I am not a fan of henna so this is a really great alternative. You can choose any spot on your body and this talented woman will give u a great tattoo made out of pure gold!

So far I have been told that it could last up to 2-3 weeks if looked after meaning do not itch or scratch it and if you have to wash your hand just simply and gently cleans that spot. The generous woman emailed me some pics and I was really astonished of how creative and seductive they are! I will leave you guys with the pictures and then I will add the lady's contact below. (All images are courtesy of precious skin)

What do you guys think? Btw the woman and the company is located in Dubai and here are the details:

Jeanie Liga
Sales & Administrative Consultant
The Westin - Dubai
Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina
Outlet # 4, Lobby Level
Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 4 3997378
Mobile: +971 55 1076926
P.O. Box: 390028

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