Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sun kissed - Review

(Image: palm spring)

As we are getting more into summer and the sun is getting extra hotter, it is time to for us to kiss our pale skin goodbye because the golden season has arrived. Yes girl’s tis the season to make the beach your second home and allow the sun to smooch your skin. Goldie and bronzy skins are sooo hot and of course let’s not forget the protection factor which is so important. I have gone to the beach 3 times so far and I have been loving every second. 

For protection I of course apply sun block to my face and use a sun cream/oil/jelly that contains SPF. Girls I cannot stress how important it is for us to protect our skin while enjoying our baking process. We don't wanna get burnt, early signs of age, and god forbid skin deformation (cancer). So protect as much as possible!

For tanning I usually use the carrot tanning cream from Lebanon because I swear by the fast results but the downside is that it does not contain SPF so what you can do is apply a sun block beforehand then apply the cream. Well now one of my cousins recommended another tanning product which is again from Lebanon and its called BeesLine. I don't know why but the Lebanese seem to master these tanning products.

(Image: Beesline)

Anyhow, this new tanning jelly that I used (beezline) last time worked really fast and gave me a bronzy color which is so noticeable I cannot stress how much I love it. I am currently relaxing my skin now because it is semi burnt lol so I am going easy on that.

Why I love tanning? Well guess what? The sun's UV rays give us Vitamin D and you can get that with a 15 minute sun exposure. Now Vitamin D is sooooo essential I will go through it in more details in another post. And the most important reason is I just love that healthy bronzy goldie shimmery look you get when you tan. And then suddenly almost every color looks so nice on you and especially bright colors. And not to mention that you won’t need to apply a lot of makeup... just eyeliner, mascara, a bright lipstick, and a blusher.  

Tanning really helped clear some of the few spots I had on my back. They were completely gone!!

Here are some inspirational pics enjooooyyy xxx

(Image: kristin danielle)

(Image: bathing news)

(Image: bathing news)

Make sure you end up as hot as Anne Hathaway from bride wars hahahaha *jokes

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