Tuesday, March 22, 2011

BeautyBlender - Review

(Image: robert johns beauty)

Makeup artists and celebs swear by this tiny sponge to achieve a flawless face. Celebs like Mariah, Gwen Stefani, and Jessica Simpson are having their hands on this to achieve their everyday photo finish look. I got this product as a giveaway and once I started trying it only then I understood why it was the talk of the town. What you basically need to do is wash the sponge or dip it in cool water for a while and then squeeze off the water. You will realize that the sponge has increased in size this is when you can start using it. Be sure to only use it with a liquid foundation because it won’t work well with creamy or mouse foundations. Place some foundation on your hand where it can warm up and then dip the sponge in and stipple on your face. Make sure to stipple!! Once you have covered your whole face, now use the tip of the sponge to apply concealer around your eye and nose area.

I honestly think that this tiny pink thing is a really good foundation applicator. It did give me a flawless finish and I noticed a difference. Now to wash this sponge you can either use the cleanser that comes with it or use a shampoo. I suggest washing it once to twice a week to maintain the sponge. Do I recommend it? Defiantly! Take a bite off this product :).

You can order it from here http://www.robertjonesbeauty.com/rjb_tools.htm
How to tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qGwYbUz8ps

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