Friday, March 25, 2011

Beauty of Henna - Review

(Image pakistani mehndi design)

Henna or Mehndi is very common among Arab and Indian women. They use it to dye their skin as a form of traditional body art and beauty. Henna powder is extracted from the Henna plant and mixed with other ingredients to obtain the paste. Henna has transformed since the Bronze Age whereas there are different colors and ways of application. You have the traditional brown Henna, Black, and now a day’s colored including white. Since I am an Arab you would think that Henna is something I would be putting on my skin in every occasion but that’s not the case. I am not a big fan of it, not everyone is. But most of the women and men really like it. It can be used in your hair as well. I am not a fan of the complicated old fashioned Henna I like it simple and modern especially when other elements are added to it like crystals or gold dust. Henna looks gorgeous on beautiful manicures nails. You can either get it done at your local salon or if you have a talented friend who can draw then why not. Here are some pictures showing different Henna usage that I found really interesting... Enjoy =)!!

(Image: arabic mehndi designs)

I think this is ideal. This is so beautiful really simple and elegant. The fact that it goes all the way up to the thighs is really sexy

(Image: pakistani mehndi designs)

It looks like a tattoo here but beautifully done and love the crystals

(Image: arabic mehndi designs)

I have never seen this before but I think it’s a cute effort for a bride to be all matchy with her whole white dress and all. I mean it depends I don’t think this would look good on a normal day

(Image: arabic mehndi designs)

On shoulders, hand, and back what do you guys think?

(Image: she click)

This looks more like a tattoo as well I think it's cool it would look gorgeous if you were wearing an open back dress

(Image: body painting)

This is so gorgeous!! Loving the additional crystals. I also love how the design is more focused on the side rather than the middle

(Image: tattoo click)

Check out how the golden color is incorporated

(Image: mehndi nikadon)

(Image: mehndi nikadon)

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