Friday, March 25, 2011

Interior Design - Tips

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I really love interior design especially the exquisite and exotic designs. Designs that speak to you and convey a message. Something that moves your senses and feelings. Now I’m an interior design graduate and I have been dealing with this topic for too long so I thought of dedicating a post to it. So I have been browsing for some inspirational pictures and might have used some of them in my research papers at university. Here are some interior designs that I find really interesting. Something that stands out and different. Take a look...

I have been recently working on designing my living/entertainment room
and I picked a similar dark gray shade because I love how you can throw colorful furniture pieces and they just stand out with the help of the gray.

Here is another example of what I explained above notice the pink picture in the back it just stands out beautifully.

This picture shows you that you can combine more than one color and they won't even overlap each
of these pieces stand out uniquely on their own. Love the yellow and the pink this color combination
really works.

Ok now looking at bathrooms I really think that they should also be included in
your design scheme. Never neglect your bathroom when you're designing
because as much as your living areas can say a lot about you, so does your bathroom.
Love the black and gold combination however you know that black make spaces appear smaller and white does the complete opposite. But in this picture i like how both colors are balanced. And that chair over there I think the color being black and white does assemble nicely with the walls. Simple yet beautiful.

If you have a large bathroom space then it is okay to be on the dark side. But remember, don't go
all dark including the facility that would just look wrong. Combine colors like gold or silver with a hint of purple or pink... or any color as long as it won't make you feel like you are sitting in a cockpit.

And again I stress on not going all dark you should leave something out, you need to have a center piece. In the case of this design look how beautifully it stands out and look at how the mirror is shaped it is not your ordinary square or circle. Another element is the chandelier which is reflected in the mirror. Chandeliers in a bathroom? Yes but not when you have a small space.

You know those little spaces in your living or bed room that are just empty whether they
are next to the bathroom or in the hallway? Well most of the time some people
tend to leave them empty but I think why not do something with them. Define these spaces don't just leave them empty. The picture above is a perfect example of what you could do with such spaces but remember keep it simple don't over crowd it. I think even if you lose the chair the space would still look good. I am a fan of gold because it is a classic color so throwing bits of it everywhere is okay as long as you don't over do it then you your space would look like a gold souq, well unless you want it to.

Another example of how beautiful the color gold is. And it goes well with red. Just imagine if these columns where plain white or black or wouldn't really look as good especially that it is a reflective surface which really helped with the overall look.

Here is a good example of how to use gold in your bedroom. Notice how different tones of gold are used. As I said earlier it is not a good idea for everything to be goldy but you can get away with it if you tone it up or down and combine them together. Notice the chair on the left corner.

Love the back board!! So creative. Amazing classic bedroom.

Check out this modern fire place. I am honestly tired of the old school fire place so if you want one at your house then this is one to consider.

I have seen this a lot. Using light under these surfaces is one great way to decorate your place. This idea can be used on a bar table too.

And finally, check this one out. The gold's, reflecting surfaces, and even the non-traditional mirror give a whole new definition to the room. Not only mirrors make spaces appear larger but if you use them creatively they can also help you fill in an empty space you have behind chair sets. It would even look good in the billiard area behind that shelf. Players usually like to admire themselves as they play.

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