Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Johnson's Baby Skincare Wipes - Tip

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Before you start wondering about why is there a post about baby butt wipes well let me tell you this, whenever I am low on makeup removal wipes I tend to use this. Because it has no chemicals and it is specially formulated for babies I wipe my makeup with it and especially my eyes. It is surprising how effective it is with removing makeup. Now who would have though a nappy wipe could be a good makeup remover? It is really gentle on my eyes and the wipe itself is so moisturized it feels so cold and I absolutely love it and love the result. It is so soft to the eyes.

I, my sis, and mom have been using this since a very long time and I actually have yesterday. I passed this tip on to my friends Stephanie and got her hooked on it lol to my cousins as well. This is a really great alternative for makeup removal wipes because as I said this is a baby product after all and it is very gentle.
However, do not use any other baby Johnson's wipes except for this one because the others are actually dry and rough but this is the only one that is super wet and moist. Where to buy? Supermarkets and drugstores.
It is around DHS4 or 5 / around $2. You should definitely take a bite out of this product!

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