Saturday, May 19, 2012

Eyebrow Kit - Review

(Image: nyxcosmetics)

Hey guys! There is nothing like having beautiful, thick, healthy-looking, defined eyebrows. To achieve that you need a really good brush and shade. One of my favorite eyebrow kits is the NYX one that comes with just about everything you need, well except for tweezers (assuming your eyebrows are groomed). I think by far it is one of the best shaping kits. 

Here is what it includes:

1- 4 colors/shades.
2- 3 different stencil for eyebrow shaping.
3- comb.
4- brush.

It also includes a mirror from the inside and easy instructions.

(Image: makeupandbeautyblog)

I urge you guys to try this! xx

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