Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Summer Makeup Routine - Review

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So it's Summer in Dubai. The heat is rising and the makeup is melting lol. It is so unimaginably hot!! I always change my makeup routine when it comes to Summer because it's a whole different story when it comes to skin and makeup. That's why I decided to share it with you guys and get your feedback and maybe you can tell me what your routine is. Here is what I do:

1- I first wash my face with cold water and pat it dry. ( shrinks pores ) 
2- Then I start with my face moisturizer. ( I use gel - I will add a post about it later )
3- I use a concealer under my eyes, nose area, and mouth. ( I DON'T use foundation in summer )
4- I apply a minerals face powder. ( It's usually a bronze color )
5- I contour.
6- Apply a peachy/rosy blush color.

1- I always start by defining my brows.
2- I apply a medium brown color to my crease.
3- I apply eye liner to my water line and on my lids.
4- I apply mascara. ( since my eye makeup is light I make sure I apply as much mascara to achieve a dramatic look )

1- I always scrub my lips. ( Mix brown sugar and honey )
2- Apply a soft brown lip liner.
3- Apply soft peachy/nude colors. ( In some occasions I use plum color, it looks good on tan skin )

*in case you guys are wondering about what makeup products I use, I will add separate posts about them soon.

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