Thursday, October 27, 2011

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation - Review

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Here it is! The most "talked about" foundation in town. I knew for a very long time that this foundation is favored by many celebs and make up gurus but me being me I only stick to certain foundations because my skin is sensitive and it tends to break out! I used MAC's studio fix fluid for years and because of the great coverage it gives. Recently I have been talking to a friend who has the same sensitive skin condition and fear I have of switching foundations and we both decided to give HD a go! My, my.... I don't remember ever falling in love this fast with a new foundation I just tried on. Usually if I switch I get disappointed and break out. But HD is my buddy lol. I have been using it for a week now and guess what? no break out what so ever. It gives me great coverage but here is the thing with HD and studio fix... They both have great coverage but HD is much lighter and the consistency is more watery than studio fix which I happen to like. Only after switching the foundation one of my friends asked me what foundation I am using and said that this one looks more natural and better on me (HD).. And the other one looked heavy and kinda darkish (studio fix). They said they can notice a huge difference. So yay me =D !! It makes your skin look flawless under light! Spot on for HD I get the coverage I need and still look natural and flawless and feel light. If you guys already use HD then congrats!! And if you don't then I suggest you get a color test and try it!! You will love it! So girls... Take a bite out of this product xx

Here is a test I made for you guys to compare foundations:

The top part is Studio Fix and the bottom is Make Up Forever HD with powder on top of both

As you can see I placed my hand under a strong light and both foundations give good coverage obviously but... The HD looks much softer, smoother, and flawless under the light don't you guys agree? The Studio Fix looks harsh and rough notice the edge near my knuckles? The surrounding of Studio Fix looks noticable however, the HD blends well with my skin.  
I am not saying I don't like Studio Fix on the contrary but I will be using HD for now =D

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