Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nail Station Paris - Review

Ok so I bought two new colors from nail station and thought of showing it to you guy. Do you guys have any idea of how hard it is to chose colors at nail station!!?? Because there are plenty to choose from and they are all gorgeous so I always pick a handful and ask the lady there to apply the colors to my nails so I can pick the ones I like. I literally spend 20 minutes there picking colors. Anyhow here they are and hope you guys like them. By the way, there is a new color called Forever Dubai which is lovely neon pink! You guys should totally take a bite out of it! mwah xx.

Just a reminder, they cost Dhs45 each.

1- Nail Station in "Miss"

2- Nail Station in "Babies"


  1. i love the nailstation colors too, just got the "baby doll" color today yeyy(frm vavavoom store)....

  2. I love them too. Did you visit their store? It is almost impossible to pick a color you get so confused because they are all so gorgeous! I bought some new colors I will prepare a post soon! xx