Tuesday, May 1, 2012

MAC Lipstick Swatches - Review

(Image: ezeliving)

Hey guys! It was long ago when I did my last MAC lipstick swatch so I decided to make another since I bought new interesting colors. Idk what it is about MAC but is it me or does everyone feel that one can never have enough MAC lipsticks? Well enjoy the swatches and please don't hesitate on letting me know if there is a color I am missing because I don't mind expanding my collection =D!!

My personal comments about each would be:

Hue: It did not look good on me flat on I had to have a base first and then add Hue on top. It looks nice with Myth.

Pink Nouveau: It is a beautiful Barbie pink that would look good on certain makeup looks. I also like to tone it down with Hue or Myth.

Impassioned: now this was recommended from one of the MAC ladies. She said it was a best seller. It is a gorgeous flashy color.

Myth: My love!!! I can wear it flat on (when I'm tan) or use it with different colors like kinda sexy. Or I can use it to tone other colors down. This color is a must have ladies!

Ruby woo: Well I like this a lot but I prefer Russian red because Ruby woo is just super matte and dry you cant wear it flat on unless you would like your lips to feel dry. Other than that... its is a gorgeous red color.

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