Monday, September 5, 2011

Gucci Guilty (men) - Review

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If you are confused about which cologne to get your man then think no further because the new Gucci Guilty for men is taking the stores by storm!! I have tried it myself and I think it is just darn sexy. This is the kind of scent I want to smell on a guy.. Well any guy. I think it is seductive and everything it needs to be to make a man smell sexy and to make a woman fall head over heels with the scent. Trust me I am sure most of you have tried it thanks to those ladies who chase us around in perfume stores lol but I always let them... only if it is a perfume I like to smell over and over again. Well here is a gift to keep in mind... whenever an occasion pops up I know what to buy =D! It is so refreshing with a hint of spice which is just madly sexy. A lot of my friends have told me that their husbands/bfs loved the cologne and gave positive feedback =) ! I am not sure about the price but here is a website which sells in UAE:
Just check out the yummy ads....

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(Image: thechrisevansblog)

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