Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Armpits 101 - Tips

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Ok one of the biggest body problems tackled is the under arm.  And no, I am not talking about odder I am talking about darkness. A friend was complaining the other day and then it hit me! This is a problem worth talking about and bringing up so I am going to dish it out for you. What I do is I scrub my under arm in the shower using this product that I reviewed before on my blog you can read more about it here:

This product softens and whitens the area you are rubbing it against and keeps it squeaky clean. I also use this product over my whole body it gives me that baby skin feel. Anyhow after that I make sure I wash my under arm with cold water to close up the pores before applying any deodorant or stick on. This helps keep the product away from your pores and avoid it to be sucked in.

Believe it or not the deodorant you use can also cause blackness due to the chemicals it contain so I suggest an all natural product or any other product with whitening or bleaching agents.

You can buy whitening/bleaching creams off the counter in any store and start applying it in hope for the darkness to at least lighten up. For DIY you can use a fresh cut potato and rub it against your armpit because potatoes are known for their bleaching abilities. Another thing you can do is make you own homemade scrub using lemon and sugar. Lemon is really good at bleaching dark spots and areas. I heard that laser works pretty good for armpits, not only it removes the hair but also whitens the area.

One of the biggest contributors to dark armpit is shaving! if you have thick armpit hair then believe me you do not want to shave because the skin on the armpit area is very thin and delicate that you can see the tiny thick hairs through even after shaving which gives the area a dark look. So I suggest waxing and removing the whole thing and then you will really notice the difference. Other than that just keep your underarms clean and you should be good to go.

Hope my tips help and give you the lightest armpit ever!! Good luck xx

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