Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cosmopolitan Middle East - Review

(Image: racked)

I stopped at the gas station today and went down to buy some juice. I went over the magazine section and was just wondering what’s new until I came across the first ever Cosmopolitan Middle East!!! Yes Middle East. I was astonished because I am a big fan of Cosmo and I love reading it from stories to style and beauty. But the drawback is that everything is based in the U.S from prices to store locations which is not a problem because I could always research and find these things out but ladies behold this magazine is based in DUBAI! The stories, the reviews, products and prices are all Dubai based! And I just simply love it! And it only costs AED 15! Ladies in Dubai I don't care what your excuse is, stop at your nearest gas pump, Spinney’s, bookstore, whatever and take a bite out of this Mag!

Check out the beautiful Khloe Kardashian on the front cover and she quotes “I’m excited about Cosmo Middle East” !!! we are too!


  1. Its great isn't it? I am in Bahrain but it still makes things a lot easier!

  2. Yea it is! Finally we can actually find what we are looking for in stores near by. Bahrain, oh lovely, hope everything is good and stable over there =)