Friday, March 25, 2011

Shoes of Prey - Review

(Image: bella beauty)

Tell me this... have you ever walked into a shoe store and walked right out because you got bored of the designs, too repetitive, over priced?  Well if you ever experienced this then don’t worry girlfriend I have too. I have came across this amazing website that allows you to chose your design, leather, and color and then you get to wear your creation =D!! Don't worry no pencils and papers needed because you get to chose from a collection of designs, mix and match, and add some cool elements.

 If you are still confused about it here is a tutorial video

You can explore their leathers here

and this is the actual website where you can start

They use real leather and the shoes are of good quality and comfort. You can skip the design part and check out their gallery for readymade designs which you can customize and modify. The price range from $180 to $330 depends on the leather and design. Umm I think that the price might be a little bit over the line for some or most of you but overall the whole concept is really cool. If you can afford it then why not try and design one and purchase it to show it off as your own =). Here are some samples from the gallery:

 (Image: shoes of prey)

And here is one that I designed... Just playing around to show you the concept. Of course this is not the finished look. 

(Image: shoes of prey)

Lol just for fun here is a man wearing it for all you fashionable men out there

(Image: 22 michaels)


  1. Thanks for the review. I've just ordered some for my wedding as my feet are impossible to buy shoes for. Hannah

  2. Hey there I'm glad you enjoyed the review. Please do let me know how your order turned out and what you think of them because I want to place an order and want your feedback on it =) really appreciate that!!