Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lady Gaga signature hair bow - Trend

(Image: hair spray)

You have probably seen this hair style in many magazines and on few celebs like Paris and Gaga. The famous hair bow! It is basically hair shaped like a bow and could be worn elegantly and casually. I think Lady Gaga wears this hairdo a lot and it's just stunning so I was wondering how do you do that?! Until I was flicking around Youtube and found an easy tutorial check it out I am really looking forward to try this and I cant wait to wear it to a party =D!!

(Image: hair spray)

(Image: lady gaga hot)

(Image: made in china)

Or if you don't want to mess with your hair you can always put this on. You can purchase this from chinese based websites. But I want to try this on my hair otherwise where is the fun in it? Bite this hairstyle ladies!!

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