Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Top 6 Foundations - Review

Ok babes so here is my top 6 foundations. Yes 6!! I hate sticking to one because each foundation gives you a different finish and texture but there should me one thing in common which is coverage!!

1- MAC Pro Longwear SPF 10 Foundation
The great thing about this is it is waterproof which is great for the beach or parties yes tested and tried I really love this one and especially that it comes with the applicator no need to purchase one or use your old one. SPF 10 as I said it good for the beach its longwear and it has good coverage. So yup this would be my number 1 for now.

2- Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse Foundation
Coverage is excellent!! However I think you need to dust a bit of powder on this. It leaves your skin looking smooth, fresh, and matte! I don't think I will ever stop using this foundation it will always be in my makeup bag.

3- Revlon ColorStay Foundation SPF 15
This foundation is great! Nice texture and color. However I only had one problem with it which is it leaves my face blotched if not blended well. Blending it is a workout for me you need perfectly spread it evenly to your face before it dries otherwise you will literally end up with blotches on your face. Other than that it is a very good foundation great coverage!

4- Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation SPF 15
This foundation is used by many celebs because it is obviously good. Well the coverage is medium and when u apply it at first it leaves this gooey texture on ur face so you gotta set it with powder. Overall it leaves a nice color and texture to your face.

5- L'Oreal infallible perfecting foundation
Ok a down side to it is it does not include SPF however it is long lasting and coverage is okay. It leaves your skin looking really fresh and natural in appose to cakey. It fills in your lines leaving your face flawless. My momy really loved this foundation.

6- L'Oreal true match foundation
Again no SPF but I like the way this foundation blends with your skin matching your color and texture. Coverage is ok. This foundation is for daily use I don’t recommend this for a party or an event. It is just for a natural looking skin.

I Apply all my fluid foundations with the beautyblender and if you're wondering what this is you can search it up in my blog it is in one of my posts. I do not recommend using the beauty blender with the mousse foundation though.

Well this is my top 6 for now if I ever get a cross a new one I will let you know.

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