Saturday, March 26, 2011

My style-peration - News

(Image: glamour)

I really like Kim K, I am not a crazy fan or anything but to me she is a style icon. I am really not interested in her personal life nor her ahem videos... but I am looking at her from a style point of view. First of all I like her sense of fashion and her matchy matchy outfits. Well obviously she has a nice bod so no doubt anything would look good on her. I like her accessories especially her line Belle Noel. Its obvious the woman also has talent and taste.

(Images: kim kardashian site)

Here are some pictures of Kim K's style in clothing:

(Images: celeb buzz)

Here are some pics of her makeup which I really adore because if you think about it her eyes are always simple and pretty not to mention her eyelashes are so amazing all thanks to her favorite makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic.

(Images: celeb buzz)

Here is a makeup tutorial with Kim K and Mario:

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