Thursday, November 10, 2011

My #1 Mascara For Fall - Review

(Image: lipglossismylife)

Hey guys it's been a while since I posted anything. I was thinking about a product that I have embraced this season and I guess it's my mascara! I was out with my cousin yesterday and she actually thought I had falsies on! I was upset cz I had no falsies on!! but then I was like hmmm no hang on this is actually a compliment. She asked what mascara I was using and that she would buy it. It's the Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion! I actually swear by it.  I also believe that the way you apply the mascara and the number of quotes can make a major difference. How I use it is I use soft strokes all around my lashes strarting from the roots and slowly lifting them upwards. I will let them dry for a minute as I apply mascara to my other eye. Then I apply a second quote and wait for a minute and finally apply the 3rd quote! I make sure I go over every lash and this way really works for me and gives me a super dramatic look. I guess Max Factor False Lash Effect really did give me the false lash effect! It gives you both length and volume. Love it! If you have not tried it yet then take a bite out of this product asap xx