Friday, October 28, 2011

Perfume of the month - Review

(Image: fragrantica)

Hey guysss... I have added a new perfume to my ever growing collection! Well I am quiet surprised with myself because I was never drawn to Escada's perfumes but let me tell you the story of this one. I was walking in City Center and went in Areej for perfume testing so out of curiousty I tried it on my wrist and said "NO" loudly lol. Then walked out and headed to the restaurants with my cousin for diner. While I was eating there was this lovely catchy scent every time I moved my hand so I noticed that it was the Escada I sprayed on my wrist and OMG it smells sooooo goood!! I couldn’t stop sniffing it lol my cousin told me I looked fishy and that I should stop. So I made her smell it to and she was stunned she liked it too. So I rushed back to the store without hesitating and before they close I grabbed my "Especially Escada" and head to the counter. I don't know why I said no the first second I sprayed it... Hmmm should have waited a while before judging. But honestly it smells so rosy and flowery. It is light but yet stings u with the smell. It is the type that once contacted with air it smells just so heavenly. I am doing the wrist sniff again right now lol. If you loved Miracle by Lancôme then you will adore this one. I should also add that the bottle looks soo cute! So ladies... Take a bite out of this product xx

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